FAQs and Info

  • Q: How many StemActive should I take daily?
    A: You should start off with 1 Capsule for each 40-50lbs of body weight twice daily on an empty stomach.
    Then after two weeks drop your dosage as desired – usually people end up with 2 capsules twice daily.


  • Q: Are there any contraindications with prescriptions?
    A: StemActive is a whole food supplement and as such, generally there are no known contraindications,
    but always ask your doctor or practitioner before beginning any supplement while taking medications.


  • Q: Are there any side effects?
    A: Not Generally. But if you have been very sick for an extended time or are recovering from toxicity from prescriptions or other circumstances,
    you may experience what we call retracing.
    Our bodies protect themselves from death by storing toxins in cells and sealing them off, like putting poisons in cans in the back yard.
    As your body begins the RE-Generative process of adding greater numbers of new stem cells to damaged areas of your body, it may begin to “throw off”
    the old toxic cells pretty rapidly often resulting in you feeling some semblance of the symptoms that you felt when those cells became toxic.
    When those cells are dumped into your blood stream to be processed and eliminated ( the toilet ), you can feel the symptoms again.
    The last symptoms you had are the first ones to appear – like peeling back the layers of an onion.
    This is at it’s very core a REALLY GOOD THING, but it CAN feel not so wonderful. If you experience this you will need to increase your water intake dramatically,
    and reduce your number of capsules down to one cap and start again. If it continues, reduce to 1/2 cap twice daily, etc.
    Keep reducing until you can tolerate the process.
    Many Folks choose to simply “tough it out” and never reduce their dosage, just drink a gallon of water a day and it’s over in a week or two.
    But not everyone is built that way. If that’s not you, reduce dosage, increase water, you’re an overcomer, you can do it.


  • Q: Why does more water help so much?
    A: As your body detoxifies by getting rid of the old, bad cells as it is replacing them with new ones, it has to dump the “sewage” and guess where?
    yes, it’s into your internal river of life, your blood stream. that’s where the liver and kidneys can process it for elimination.
    Think of it as growing the tiny sewage canal into a massive river for dumping the toxins into, so they get out of your system faster.
    The bigger the river the less you notice the toxins flowing through it, right?


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How to Take StemActive

StemActive™ Is a Raw Whole-Food Supplement.

When we talk about capsules or pills, we’re often inclined to use words like dose or dosage. But in reality those words are more for medicines and drugs and not supplements. If you look on the back of vitamins and supplements they’ll say it right there: “Serving Size”. Use whatever word you wish – it means “How Many Do I Take?”.

We recommend you take 1 capsule for every 40-50lbs of body weight, twice a day (on empty stomach) for one to two weeks to “LOAD” your system and 1 capsules for every 75lbs of body weight twice a day after that. Most folks will adjust their own protocols. Listen to your body.

If two capsules twice daily is enough for you because you feel the effects of Longer, Deeper Sleep, Calmer, More Peaceful Feeling and Less Stress, then you may only need that one bottle per month after the first month. If you only notice those effects almost everyone gets when you take 4 caps twice a day then that may be your amount as your body lets you know. Most people will adjust the dosage until they see positive changes. What works for you is what works for you!

To give StemActive™ a fair shot and notice a palpable difference in a shorter amount of time, you may choose a greater loading protocol than the four capsules twice a day for one to two weeks & then two capsules per serving after that. This is the balance that produces the most effect in the shortest time for the least amount of cost in our experience. We absolutely URGE you to do it together with a friend or partner so you can compare progress. We call it the ‘Buddy System” and it really gives it’s weight in Gold for results because every individual will have different positive effects based on their own physiology.

In our long experience with naturopathic remedies like StemActive™, we find that there is often an approximately four month period of what we call retracing of the condition being addressed. As your body begins to rebuild itself at the cellular level, the symptoms that appeared most recently will be the first ones to disappear, and vice-versa. Rebuilding our bodies at a cellular level is a process. It can be compared to layers of an onion being peeled away. With StemActive™, most people see some improvement, gradually increasing, from the second week to the 12th week. But the FOURTH MONTH is when we often experience the most dramatic recoveries.

You may buy it because your knees hurt and find your chronic digestive problems addressed first. You see, YOUR body and your body alone knows better what needs healing first. Better than you, better than your doctor or nutritionist. YOUR BODY KNOWS BEST. So Four months is a good period to shoot for, but start with one month.

How to take StemActive™. VERY IMPORTANT!

Take your serving first thing in the morning with a FULL GLASS of water, if possible follow with some more water in 15 minutes.

Wait 30min before ingesting anything else, especially anything with proteins or carbohydrates in it. This means coffee creamer.

and your second one in late afternoon to Evening based on your individual lifestyle.

Then in the afternoon, again, as close to a twelve hour difference as possible; once again a full glass of GOOD Filtered water. Wait at least two hours after the last ingestion of ANYTHING and at least one half hour before meals. Remember that with any health regimen, ALWAYS drink 1/2oz of good healthy filtered water per day PER LB of body weight. Never EVER drink distilled or ‘reverse-osmosis’ water. That is “DEAD-WATER”, everything life-giving has been removed. Your body will not properly absorb “DEAD-WATER”. It NEEDS the minerals. Especially Magnesium! God made water to flow over rocks for a reason!



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